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Pathfinder Guide – Apex Legends

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The ONLY Pathfinder GUIDE You’ll Ever Need! (Apex Legends Season 9)

How To Play Pathfinder – Season 8 Chaos Theory Update.
Low Profile has been removed from Path but is he back in the Meta?
0:00 Low Profile Removed + Hit box size
1:43 Grapple Tips & Tricks
4:41 Zipline Tips + Passive Tip
7:22 My BEST 1v3 with Pathfinder

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The ULTIMATE PATHFINDER Guide – MOST BROKEN Tips to RANK UP – Apex Legends Guide


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Apex Legends Guide For Pathfinder & Improving Your Grapple Movement!

Apex Legends Guide For Pathfinder & Improving Your Grapple Movement!

Today we cover an in-depth guide to mastering your movement and grapples as pathfinder. We start with examples of how pathfinder succeeds over other legends.

Then with a keyboard & mouse on screen we showcase that movement and how to succeed.

Zuni’s YouTube Channel:

Tap strafe guide:

Bunny Hop Guide:


00:00 Introduction To Pathfinder Guide
00:25 Zuni Pathfinder Clip Examples
02:00 Grapple & Zipline Guide With Keyboard & Mouse Tracker
03:00 Mistakes From Beginners With Pathfinders Grapple
03:24 How To Propel Yourself As Pathfinder
03:36 Adding Movement After You Yeet
03:56 When To Let Go Of His Grapple
04:50 Using Movement In Encounters
05:28 Taking Off Angles
06:07 Baiting As Pathfinder
06:31 Pathfinder Ability To Take Quick Height
07:06 Using Ziplines & Creativity
07:55 Maximizing On His Ultimate Ability
08:18 How To Zipline Super Jump
09:57 Synergy With Other Legends (High Level)
12:30 Wall Bounce Into A Grapple
13:34 Biggest Pathfinder Engagement Tip
15:32 Double Zipline Bouncing
16:30 Outro


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Today we cover apex legends guide on apex legends for apex legends pathfinder guide. This is an in-depth pathfinder grapple guide for apex legends pathfinder grapple guide pc. This apex legends pathfinder grapple guide covers apex legends pathfinder guide season 9 and apex legends pathfinder hook guide. We cover lots of guides and this one is apex legends guide pathfinder edition. But specifically for apex legends pathfinder zipline guide.

I hope you enjoy the apex legends pathfinder grapple guide season 9,pathfinder grapple, pathfinder guide, how to use pathfinder grapple, pathfinder grapple guide apex, how to!

How to Pathfinder – Apex Legends Guide

Pathfinder guide from the basics to some pro tips
how to pathfinder in apex legends

big thanks to groump and ganji for helping me get some clips for the video.

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0:00 – dough intro
0:09 – passive: insider knowledge
0:25 – tactical: grappling hook
0:53 – ultimate: zipline
0:59 – pro tips from bronze player
1:02 – jump when grappling
1:15 – hook swings
1:29 – backwards slide grapple
1:39 – random objects you can grapple
1:55 – ground grapple jump
2:07 – 180 grapples
2:15 – cancel grappling hook
2:40 – do’s and don’t of grappling gamers
3:00 – active frames on grapple
3:47 – super jumps
4:07 – zipline dashes
4:18 – zipline pushes
4:35 – zipline jumps
4:42 – break ziplines
5:02 – no chase ziplines
5:13 – pathfinder loadouts
5:28 – sentinel simp
5:47 – p2020/flatlines offhand
5:55 – double sentinel chad
6:19 – don’t use double sentinel
6:42 – flatline/havoc best offhand

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