bookmark_borderNetflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2: Season 1 Recap – Story And Characters To Remember

Netflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2: Season 1 Recap – Story And Characters To Remember

Here’s a Season 1 recap of everything you need to remember for Altered Carbon Season 2 on Netflix.

ALTERED CARBON Season 2 Ending Explained!

In this video we take a deep dive and explain the ending to Netflix’s sci-fi action drama Altered Carbon reviewing season 2 and what it could mean for season 3.

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Altered Carbon || Season 1 Recap || Netflix || 2020

Season 2 of Altered Carbon, streaming February 27. Get ready to watch with this recap of season 1!

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Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap – Everything You Need To Know Before Season 2

Hello guys, Altered Carbon is coming for a new Season. In the first part I talked about the DHF concept. After that, I talked about Rei and Tak’s Childhood. Finally, how the entire murder of Bancroft Happened.
It is sad that we won’t see Joel Kinnaman on the second season, hooefully Anthony Mackie will do well. As for the story, I hope that we will be able to some flashbacks about how the artificial intelligence was developed.
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Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap


Altered Carbon – Season 2 | RECAP IN 7 MINUTES!

Recap of the second season of Altered Carbon.

Premise: In the universe of Altered Carbon, there is no such thing as death. At least, if you’re rich. People are able to resleeve into a new body, using a piece of technology called a stack, which is basically your entire life and consciousness stored into one device. The world is set more than 350 years in the future, mainly on Earth.

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01 – Phantom Lady
30 years after the Bancroft case, Kovacs is tracked by Trepp, a bounty hunter. She is hired by Horace Axley, who lives on Harlan’s World, Kovacs’ homeworld. Axley offer Kovacs a job: guarding him. In exchange, Axley will give him a new high-tech combat sleeve and the location of Falconer. However, after waking up, Kovacs discovers that Horace is killed. Together with Poe, he heads to Tanaseda Hideki, a former friend of Kovacs and a Yakuza-boss, who gives him and Poe a new base of operations, which Poe transforms into a hotel.

02 – Payment Deferred
At Axley’s murder scene, a special Protectorate team shows up, under the command of a colonel Carrera. With his team, he kills everyone at the site, to protect the reputation of the Meths on Harlan’s World, including Danica Harlan, the governor of the planet and daughter of Konrad Harlan, the planet’s namesake founder. Danica had been waging a war against Joshua Kemp, the leader of the Quellists, who follow Falconer’s teachings. Meanwhile, Kovacs finds Trepp to find out who Axley’s business partners are. Before he locates them, he argues with Poe about Poe’s memory loss, since his erasure by Leung, and that it is worsening. Kovacs then heads out and locates Axley’s associates in a bar, but they are soon after killed by Falconer. Kovacs believes that someone has stolen Falconer’s sleeve, since she doesn’t recognize him and they fight. However, at the end of the fight, it seemed that the real Falconer regained power over her body. But then, Carrera and his men show up and they capture Kovacs, while Falconer escapes.

03 – Nightmare Alley
Carrera is torturing Kovacs to find out who he is. When he painfully extracts his memory, he learns that his prisoner is Takeshi Kovacs, while he reveals to be Jaeger, Kovacs’ old mentor. While Trepp is looking for someone named Anil, Poe learns of Kovacs’ capture and enlists the help of a fellow AI: Dig 301. Danica then orders Kovacs to be sentenced to The Circle, where he fights cloned sleeves of his former friends. Just when he is about to lose, the real Falconer shows up, and together they escape to Poe’s new hotel.

04 – Shadow of a Doubt
During Harlan’s Day celebration, Kovacs sets up an escape plan for him and Falconer, while she tries to collect the pieces of her forgotten past. Poe is replaced by Dig and wonders if he should reboot, losing his memories of Lizzie. Hideki is then killed by dark Falconer. When Kovacs finds his body, he plugs himself into Hideki’s stack and views his last memories, learning that dark Falconer is killing all the Founders of Harlan’s World, with only Konrad Harlan still being alive. To capture Kovacs and Falconer, Carrera sends for Evergreen, which is the codename for a young and still loyal Kovacs, in his original body.

05 – I Wake up Screaming
Carrera sends Kovacs Prime to find Kovacs and Falconer, who cannot remember killing Hideki. Together with Trepp, they head for Joshua Kemp and his Quellists, who are at Stronghold, the place where Kovacs and Falconer had their base. However, they are relentlessly tracked by Kovacs Prime. Meanwhile, Poe visits a virtual reality in order to locate Konrad Harlan and ask him what is going on, but finds out that the Konrad there is a faaaaaake. At the capital, Carrera learns that Danica leaked Quellist propaganda, to cause panic and assume dictatorship of the planet. Kovacs Prime finally locates Kovacs and they fight, with Kovacs losing and being thrown off a cliff.

06 – Bury Me Dead
Trepp saves Kovacs, who was hanging from a cliff. They are then attacked by Carrera’s team, but are saved by Kemp and his Quellists. Kovacs Prime meets Falconer at the river bank, where she has regained her memories and takes him to a cave. She shows him how Rei cloned her body and left her in the cave. Kovacs Prime is then ordered to take her in, but Falconer is aware of this and fights him. However, they are stopped when Kovacs, Trepp and Kemp arrive, capturing Kovacs Prime, while Kemp puts Falconer to the test to find out if it is the real her. She aces the test and takes over the Quellists, but then Trepp finds out that Kemp is an imposter, when he lies about her brother, Anil. Trepp tells Falconer, who exposes him. But they are then seemingly captured by Danica’s forces, who kill Kemp. Overwhelmed by the enemy numbers and cornered, dark Falconer emerges and uses her power to rain destruction upon Danica’s men, using Angelfire: orbital weapons, left behind by the Elders.