Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap is a must-buy for fans of the license and probably warrants interest from those who aren’t.

Snap Happy | New Pokémon Snap REVIEW

It took over twenty years, but it’s finally time to review New Pokémon Snap!

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This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

Additional footage provided by Yoshiller and Masae Anela.

Lab background provided by @NateGullion (Twitter)

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

New Pokémon Snap – Die Lentil-Region erwartet euch! (Nintendo Switch)

Jetzt vorbestellen: https://www.nintendo.de/Spiele/Nintendo-Switch/New-Pokemon-Snap-1799500.html?c=purchase &utm_medium=social &utm_source=youtube &utm_campaign=NewPokemonSnap%7CNewTrailer%7Co2VV%7Cm_id_eAML3nqbKT%7C1799500%7Cw10

Nehmt atemberaubende Fotos von Pokémon in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung auf, bearbeitet eure Schnappschüsse mit Rahmen und Stickern und teilt sie dann mit der Welt. Die Lentil-Region erwartet euch! New Pokémon Snap erscheint am 30. April für Nintendo Switch!

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New Pokémon Snap – La région de Lentis vous attend ! (Nintendo Switch)

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Prenez de somptueux clichés de Pokémon dans leur habitat naturel, personnalisez-les avec des cadres et des stickers puis partagez-les en ligne ! La région de Lentis vous attend. New Pokémon Snap arrive le 30 avril sur Nintendo Switch !

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New Pokemon Snap – Before You Buy

New Pokemon Snap (Nintendo Switch) is a Pokemon photography adventure 20 years in the making. Does it live up to the classic? Let’s talk.
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